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car repair southend

Car Repair Southend

P. Breading Motor Services is your go-to garage for all your car repair Southend needs. From DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) inspections to turbo repairs, our skilled team is equipped to handle it all.

You always get a quality first-time fix with us for better than dealership value. What more could you ask for?

Regular maintenance of your vehicle is crucial. It allows issues to be found early, preventing them from escalating. This enhances your car’s efficiency, reliability and lifespan while boosting performance – everything you need to keep your vehicle roadworthy.

Call P. Breading Motor Services today for all your car repair Southend needs.

car repair southend

Why choose P. Breading Motor Services for car repair

P. Breading Motor Services stands out with its comprehensive 15-step diagnostic process, enabling our technicians to pinpoint the slightest issue with your vehicle. This approach ensures we catch faults other garages might miss, helping you avoid significant, expensive repairs.

To ensure your vehicle receives nothing but the quality it deserves, we commit to using only branded or high-grade alternative parts on your car.

While your vehicle is with us, we maintain clear communication, ensuring you’re always updated and informed. We only start working on your car when you say so.

Stay in the know with P. Breading Motor Services, book your car repair Southend today.


Your tyres create safe contact with the road’s surface. To ensure they’re in top condition, they need regular inspections.

If they’re in poor condition, you’re putting yourself and others at risk. Don’t get caught out; call our experts today for a quality tyres Southend check-up.

car repair southend

Air Con

Your car’s air conditioning isn’t just for comfort; it’s a vital safety feature, too. It keeps you cool in summer, warm in winter, and assists in demisting your windows.

A malfunctioning air conditioning system can hinder your ability to demist windows, compromising both safety and comfort.

Book your air con regas Southend today at P. Breading Motor Services.

car repair southend

Book your car repair Southend at P. Breading Motor Services today.


If a warning light has appeared on your dashboard, P. Breading Motor Services is here to assist.

Our skilled technicians, with years of experience, are dedicated to providing your vehicle with the highest level of care. We specialise in detecting even the smallest issues early on, preventing them from becoming serious and expensive problems.

Call our experts today and book your diagnostics Southend assessment today.

car repair southend


No matter what vehicle you’re driving, keeping your brakes in optimal condition is vital for safety.

At P. Breading Motor Services, we conduct thorough brake assessments to enhance your vehicle’s roadworthiness. Our experienced professionals use their expertise to maintain your brakes in excellent condition.

Book your brakes Southend inspection with us today to ensure safe driving.

car repair southend


Seeking a smoother driving experience? It’s essential to maintain your suspension to keep your vehicle in top condition.

If you’re experiencing changes in steering or the overall driving feel, we recommend getting your suspension inspected right away.

Arrange your suspension Southend assessment with our team at P. Breading Motor Services.

Book your car repair Southend at P. Breading Motor Services today.


The battery is the heart of your vehicle; it provides power needed to start your car. A failing battery can prevent your vehicle from starting.

Batteries fail for numerous reasons, and our experts at P. Breading Motor Services can pinpoint the exact cause during your first visit.

Book your batteries Southend work with us for reliable servicing.

Clutch & Gearbox

Experiencing clutch or gearbox issues?

Our P. Breading Motor Services experts handle all vehicle types, expertly diagnosing and fixing any problem, from clutch plates to bearings.

Book your clutches Southend work with us today.

car repair southend


Trouble with your exhaust system?

Our experts at P. Breading Motor Services are here to assist. Our specialist technicians use decades of experience to examine your entire exhaust system, ensuring top-quality servicing and providing excellent value.

Call our team today for an exhausts Southend check-up.

car repair southend

Book your car repair Southend at P. Breading Motor Services today.


Your DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) plays a crucial role in reducing emissions from your vehicle. When it malfunctions, it could result in an MOT failure… which is the last thing you need.

If you neglect your DPF maintenance, it might lead to costly repairs down the line. As specialists, our team ensures your DPF remains in optimal condition.

Book your DPF Southend check-up with us today.


Looking to enhance your vehicle’s performance?

At P. Breading Motor Services, our skilled technicians have the experience needed to fine-tune any vehicle. We are an authorised Racing Line dealer, so whether you’re seeking better speed, fuel efficiency, or overall drivability, we can help.

Book your remapping Southend at P. Breading Motor Services today.

car repair southend

Book your car repair Southend at P. Breading Motor Services today.

Where can I find you?

Located just a brief 10-minute drive from the heart of Southend-on-Sea, P. Breading Motor Services is conveniently situated on Star Lane Industrial Estate in Great Wakering.

For a hassle-free experience that offers more value than a dealership, call P. Breading Motor Services for all your Audi service Southend needs.

Our address:

34 Star Lane Industrial Estate,
Great Wakering,

What our customers say

  • Tom Baker

    9th January 2024

    I booked my VW T4 in for its MOT with the guys at P Breading. Every member of staff I spoke to was really polite and friendly. The service was great and really reasonably priced. I can't fault a thing!
    Would happily recommend this garage to anyone. Thanks again 👍

  • Phil D

    5th January 2024

    First time using this company for a service on my VwT4.
    Very friendly, really good communication.
    All work carried out to a good standard. I would recommend them.

  • Lee Nobbs Carping Adventures

    21st December 2023

    Excellent service, they always go the extra mile

  • Jason Ranford

    20th December 2023

    Time for an update to my previous review,

    As always P. Breading Motor Services Ltd are a fantastic company to deal with, I was completely informed along the way, with an honest assessment of my vehicle and all of it's servicing needs.

    They are structured in a way to deal with any problems with parts sourcing etc that emerge during the time they have your vehicle, nothing is too... Read More

  • Rob Huntley

    3rd November 2023

    To a man, the staff are always courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. This makes a pleasant change in this day and age. The prices are fair for a much higher standard of work than the average garage/workshop, highly recommended.

  • karen Van Coevorden

    1st November 2023

    I can’t recommend this fantastic , Family run business enough . So professional , friendly , knowledgeable , . Treat you as a valued customer . Brilliant for a female customer . Prices really fair , honest people . Will always use . I was recommended by 3 friends 2 years ago

  • Tom Rae

    24th October 2023

    Great team, great service. Parts can be tough to source, but they always find a way. DC5 is 20 years old and feels new whenever it's been in for service. Highly recommend them.

  • Alex Chapman

    15th September 2023

    Highly recommend this company. Recently had my Audi in for a full vehicle check and was incredibly happy with the service they provided. Every area was checked thoroughly, letting me know what areas could do with TLC and presented professionally on a digital PDF. The team are all very helpful, professional and experts in their fields. Thanks again.


    1st August 2023

    After trying unsuccessfully to find someone to sort out an electrical fault on my Audi A3, P Breading Motor Services were recommended to me. They found the fault, kept me updated with the progress and costing. Nice, friendly team of Machanic’s, I would definitely recommend them.

Book your car repair Southend at P. Breading Motor Services today.