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tyres Southend

Tyres Southend

Looking to get your tyres Southend checked?

The tyres on your vehicle play a huge role in maintaining a firm grip between your car and the road. Essentially, they keep you safe.

Worn or damaged tyres can compromise your vehicle’s handling, risking your safety. They can also result in legal consequences and fines.

At P. Breading Motor Services, our primary goal is keeping you safe while helping you avoid accidents and unnecessary fines. Our team of expert technicians provides top-tier service, ensuring your vehicle gets the attention it deserves at excellent value.

Our experts possess the experience and know-how to assess the condition of your tyres and perform replacements when needed.

To book your tyres Southend inspection, contact P. Breading Motor Services today.

tyres Southend
tyres Southend

Can you fit tyres while I wait?

We can fit tyres whilst you wait.

Feel free to stay on-site while our skilled team fits your new tyres. Just remember to arrange an appointment with us in advance.

Get in touch with P. Breading Motor Services right away to schedule your tyres Southend check-up.

tyres Southend

What size of tyres I need?

A straightforward method to determine the appropriate tyres for your car is to examine the sidewall of your existing tyres. It’s important to note, though, that certain vehicles, such as Mercedes or BMW, may require different tyre sizes for the front and rear.

If you’re still uncertain, our team is always ready to assist. Call P. Breading Motor Services today to book a comprehensive tyres Southend inspection.

Book your tyres Southend inspection at P. Breading Motor Services today.

What are the minimum tread requirements? And how do I measure this?

In the UK, the legal minimum tread depth for tyres is 1.6mm. Although a gauge can be used to measure this, a 20p coin offers a simpler alternative.

Simply insert the 20p coin into the area of your tyre that has the least tread. If you can see the coin’s outer rim, your tyres should be examined by a specialist without delay.

Operating a vehicle with tread depth below the legal requirement is illegal and highly hazardous. Plus, it could leave you with a fine.

Avoid potential fines and, more importantly, the risk of an accident. Book your tyres Southend-on-Sea assessment today with P. Breading Motor Services.

tyres Southend

I can't find my locking wheel nut key – what should I do?

Should you misplace your wheel nut, there’s no need for alarm.

It’s important to avoid trying to fashion a makeshift locking wheel nut key, as this could cause further issues.

Reach out to P. Breading Motor Services and allow our expert team to provide you with the necessary assistance.

tyres Southend

Book your tyres Southend inspection at P. Breading Motor Services today.

I’ve damaged my wheel. Can you fix it?

At P. Breading Motor Services, our skilled technicians are equipped with the knowledge and ability to repair a wide range of wheel issues. However, it’s important to note that certain types of damage might be beyond repair.

In cases where your wheel cannot be fixed, we’ll explore alternative solutions with you. Your safety is our number one priority.

Call our team today to arrange an assessment for your car tyres Southend.

How to check your tyre pressure?

Locate your vehicle’s recommended tyre pressure, typically found inside the driver’s door or on the fuel cap.

Take off all the dust caps from your vehicle. Attach the pressure gauge to the tyre valve to read the existing tyre pressure.

Compare these readings to the recommended pressure levels for your vehicle.

Should your tyres require inflation, set the air machine to the correct pressure and begin inflating your tyres.

For further help or guidance, feel free to reach out to our team.

tyres Southend

What is 4-wheel alignment, and why do I need it?

Four-wheel alignment involves precise adjustments to all four of your car’s wheels using the manufacturer’s specifications.

This alignment ensures that your car experiences even pressure distribution across the tyres, enhancing safety, fuel efficiency, and the overall lifespan of the tyres.

To keep your tyres in peak condition, get in touch with P. Breading Motor Services for a comprehensive tyres Southend inspection.

What is Hunter 4 wheel alignment?

The Hunter system, as opposed to manual methods, uses advanced imaging sensors to precisely measure 14 crucial wheel alignment angles on your vehicle.

These angles include important aspects like Caster, Thrust Line, Camber, Toe Out, and Toe In, ensuring a highly accurate and efficient alignment process.

Is my wheel alignment is wrong?

If you feel your car pulling to one side or there’s uneven tyre wear, it’s likely your wheel alignment isn’t right. When this happens, your safety could be at risk.

If you encounter these problems, it’s crucial not to delay. Reach out to our experts for an expert tyres Southend alignment.

What our customers say

  • Bob Worrall

    20th June 2024

    My wife & I have always had 1st class service @ P Breadings. We love the car collect & drop off service. We highly recommend their services.

  • Gavin Archer

    12th June 2024

    AUDI A1. Changed suspension spring. Done a quality job. Good alterative if you don't want to go to a dealer. Also have been for brake and they were honest to say it was pads only and not disks as well.

  • Kevin Fairs

    5th June 2024

    Fantastic five star +

  • Alexander Fisher

    7th May 2024

    10/10 service! Would recommend to anyone in the area that needs any work or maintenance done on their vehicle! Very timely and thorough, with a full report and photos are included. Will definitely be going back for all car maintenance needs.

  • Glen Batt

    24th April 2024

    5 star service, very polite and a fair price, would recommend to others and will definitely use again

  • sharon doyle

    23rd April 2024

    Highly recommend P Breading Motor Services. Very helpful from start to finish and very pleased with the work carried out on my car. And very reasonably priced. These guys were recommended to me and I most definitely recommend using them

  • Janine Hodge

    12th April 2024

    5 star service exceptional ! Highly recommend for anyone looking for honest reliable & excellent work on their vehicle

  • Stevie H Hallahan

    22nd February 2024

    Outstanding service from drop off to collection. Detailed report on the car. Only essential work professionally dealt with. Better than any main dealer. Nothing was too much trouble. Courtesy car offered and used. Such a professional outfit. Will never use anyone else. One word. Outstanding. Special thanks to Jay and Ash

  • Lee Goddard

    22nd February 2024

    Friendly and extremely knowledgeable an absolute pleasure to deal with. Car now handles as it should now tracking sorted

  • Anthony Jay

    31st January 2024

    A great company a pleasure to deal with. Courteous and helpful.

  • Steve Clarke

    30th January 2024

    excellent service with polite staff

  • Emma Slater

    25th January 2024

    Great service from start to finish. I highly recommend this garage to anyone who is looking for high quality reliable and friendly staff who offered help and advice throughout. Thank you all have recommended family already.

  • Tom Baker

    9th January 2024

    I booked my VW T4 in for its MOT with the guys at P Breading. Every member of staff I spoke to was really polite and friendly. The service was great and really reasonably priced. I can't fault a thing!
    Would happily recommend this garage to anyone. Thanks again 👍

  • Phil D

    5th January 2024

    First time using this company for a service on my VwT4.
    Very friendly, really good communication.
    All work carried out to a good standard. I would recommend them.

  • Lee Nobbs Carping Adventures

    21st December 2023

    Excellent service, they always go the extra mile

  • Jason Ranford

    20th December 2023

    Time for an update to my previous review,

    As always P. Breading Motor Services Ltd are a fantastic company to deal with, I was completely informed along the way, with an honest assessment of my vehicle and all of it's servicing needs.

    They are structured in a way to deal with any problems with parts sourcing etc that emerge during the time they have your vehicle, nothing is too... Read More

  • Rob Huntley

    3rd November 2023

    To a man, the staff are always courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. This makes a pleasant change in this day and age. The prices are fair for a much higher standard of work than the average garage/workshop, highly recommended.

  • karen Van Coevorden

    1st November 2023

    I can’t recommend this fantastic , Family run business enough . So professional , friendly , knowledgeable , . Treat you as a valued customer . Brilliant for a female customer . Prices really fair , honest people . Will always use . I was recommended by 3 friends 2 years ago

  • Tom Rae

    24th October 2023

    Great team, great service. Parts can be tough to source, but they always find a way. DC5 is 20 years old and feels new whenever it's been in for service. Highly recommend them.

  • Alex Chapman

    15th September 2023

    Highly recommend this company. Recently had my Audi in for a full vehicle check and was incredibly happy with the service they provided. Every area was checked thoroughly, letting me know what areas could do with TLC and presented professionally on a digital PDF. The team are all very helpful, professional and experts in their fields. Thanks again.


    1st August 2023

    After trying unsuccessfully to find someone to sort out an electrical fault on my Audi A3, P Breading Motor Services were recommended to me. They found the fault, kept me updated with the progress and costing. Nice, friendly team of Machanic’s, I would definitely recommend them.

Need a wheel alignment Southend? Call P. Breading Motor Services today.